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Andrea Nardi - Yong Shui - after years of training in Shaolin Kung Fu and athlete weight training, combines the ancient training methods with modern science. 

The goal is to give everyone a better quality life, harmonizing body and mind. Learning how to breath (QI - 氣), in order to move better and to develop strength: this is what Shaolin Monks have been doing since 1500 years ago. 

Preserving entirely traditional exercises, but combining them with modern training techniques and equipment, Nardi Training developed various Shaolin traditional physical preparation programs, helpful also for those who can seldom practice.

These programs allow the trainee to perfectly prepare the body for martial practice, but they can also be simply used as complete training systems, aiming at several goals such as:

  • Mobility & Flexibility

  • Improving Postural 

  • Neuromuscular Strength 

  • Power Strength

  • Strength Endurance

  • Agility & Balance

  • Connection body & mind

  • Hypertrophy & Fat Loss

  • Meditation & Qi Gong

  • Relieve Stress

Harmony in body and mind is the way for a better life in this stressful society. 

Ask yourself what you need and plan the way!

Andrea Nardi - Yong Shui - offers private lessons in Shaolin Traditional Wugong, Qi Gong and Phisical Preparation. 

  • One to one 

  • Different Packages

  • 1 week session (4hours per day)

  • On-line coach

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  • Instagram
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